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AS Bottle

Aceton Packaging

Aceton Pump

Aceton Spray

Acrylic Bottle

Acrylic Jar

Air Freshener

Air Freshener Bottle

Air Freshener Packaging

Airless Bottle

Aluminium Bottle

Aluminium Cap

Aluminium Valve

Bottle Cap

Box Packaging

Box with Lock

Cologne Bottle

Cologne Packaging

Comb Box

Cosmetic Bottle

Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic Cap

Cosmetic Jar

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Stick

Cosmetic Valve

Cream Jar

Damlalıklı Yağ Şişesi


Disc Top Bottle

Disc Top Cap

Disc Top Cap Bottle

Disinfectant Bottle



Ear Cotton Box

Ear Cotton Box

Eye Roll On

Finger Spray

Finger Spray Bottle

Flip Top Bottle

Flip Top Bottle

Flip Top Cap

Foam Bottle

Foam Maker Packaging

Foam Maker Pump

Foam Packaging

Foam Pump

Foam Soap Pump



Glass Bottle

Glass Cleaner Bottle

Glass Cleaner Packaging

Glass Cleaner Spray

Glass Packaging

Glue Bottle

Glue Packaging

Guest Amenities Box

HDPE Bottle


HDPE Spray

Hair Care Bottle

Hair Care Packaging

Hair Spray

Hotel Box

Hotel Comb Box

Hotel Ear Cotton Box

Hotel Ear Cotton Box

Hotel Hygiene Set Box

Hotel Makeup and Care Set Box

Hotel Products

Hotel Pumice Stone Box

Hotel Rasp Box

Hotel Shaving Set Box

Hotel Shoe Polish Box

Hotel Shower Cap Box

Hotel Soap Box

Hotel Tailor Set Box

Hotel Teeth Care Set Box

Hotel Washcloth Box

Hygiene Set Box

LDPE Bottle

Lipstick Bottle

Lipstick Box

Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick Packaging

Liquid Soap Bottle

Liquid Soap Packaging

Liquid Soap Pump

Long Pump Bottle

Lotion Bottle

Lotion Packaging

Lotion Pump

Makeup Packaging

Makeup and Care Set Box

Mascara Bottle

Mascara Bottle

Measuring Bottle

Micro Sprayer

Multi Purpose Box

Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray Packaging

Oil Bottle

PCTA Bottle

PCTA Perfume Bottle

PE Bottle

PE Can

PE Pitcher

PE Spray

PE Valve

PETG Bottle

PErfume Atomiser

PP Bottle

PP Cap

PP Jar

PP Spray

PP Valve

PVC Bottle

Pencil Bottle

Pencil Packaging

Perfume Atomiser

Perfume Bottle

Perfume Packaging

Perfume Spray

Pet Bottle

Pet Jar

Pet Packaging

Pet Preform

Pill Box


Plastic Bottle

Plastic Cpa

Plastic Jar

Plastic Pump

Plastic Spray

Plastic Valve

Polyethylene Bottle

Polyethylene Jar

Polyethylene Valve

Powder Bottle

Powder Spray

Powder Spray

Practical Powder Bottle

Pumice Stone Box

Pump Bottle

Pump Bottle

Rasp Box

Roll On

Roll On Bottle

Roll On Packaging

Shampoo Bottle

Shampoo Packaging

Shaving Set Box

Shoe Polish Box

Shower Cap Box

Shower Gel Bottle

Shower Gel Packaging

Small Funnel

Small Funnel

Small Spray

Soap Bottle

Soap Box

Special Box

Special Box


Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Tablet Box

Tailor Set Box

Teeth Care Box

Tester Bottle

Trigger Bottle

Trigger Spray

Trigger Spray

Trigger Spray

Trigger Spray Bottle

Trigger Spray Bottle

Trigger Sprayer

Tıpa Kapaklı Şişe

Tıpalı Şişe

Washcloth Box

Watering Packaging

Watering Packaging


Categories Based on the Capacity


1 ML Bottles

2 ML Bottles

3 ML Bottles

4 ML Bottles

5 ML Bottles

6 ML Bottles

7 ML Bottles

8 ML Bottles

9 ML Bottles

10 ML Bottles

11 ML Bottles

12 ML Bottles

13 ML Bottles

14 ML Bottles

15 ML Bottles

16 ML Bottles

18 ML Bottles

20 ML Bottles

22 ML Bottles

24 ML Bottles

25 ML Bottles

26 ML Bottles

28 ML Bottles

30 ML Bottles

32 ML Bottles

34 ML Bottles

35 ML Bottles

38 ML Bottles

40 ML Bottles

45 ML Bottles

50 ML Bottles

55 ML Bottles

60 ML Bottles

65 ML Bottles

70 ML Bottles

75 ML Bottles

80 ML Bottles

100 ML Bottles

110 ML Bottles

120 ML Bottles

125 ML Bottles

150 ML Bottles

160 ML Bottles

170 ML Bottles

175 ML Bottles

180 ML Bottles

195 ML Bottles

200 ML Bottles

220 ML Bottles

225 ML Bottles

240 ML Bottles

250 ML Bottles

260 ML Bottles

275 ML Bottles

280 ML Bottles

300 ML Bottles

320 ML Bottles

330 ML Bottles

350 ML Bottles

360 ML Bottles

380 ML Bottles

390 ML Bottles

400 ML Bottles

420 ML Bottles

430 ML Bottles

450 ML Bottles

480 ML Bottles

500 ML Bottles

520 ML Bottles

540 ML Bottles

550 ML Bottles

560 ML Bottles

570 ML Bottles

580 ML Bottles

600 ML Bottles

640 ML Bottles

650 ML Bottles

750 ML Bottles

800 ML Bottles

900 ML Bottles

960 ML Bottles

1000 ML Bottles

1100 ML Bottles

1200 ML Bottles

1500 ML Bottles

1800 ML Bottles

2000 ML Bottles


1 ML Jars

3 ML Jars

4 ML Jars

5 ML Jars

6 ML Jars

8 ML Jars

10 ML Jars

12 ML Jars

15 ML Jars

16 ML Jars

18 ML Jars

20 ML Jars

25 ML Jars

30 ML Jars

35 ML Jars

40 ML Jars

50 ML Jars

75 ML Jars

80 ML Jars

85 ML Jars

100 ML Jars

120 ML Jars

125 ML Jars

150 ML Jars

160 ML Jars

200 ML Jars

240 ML Jars

250 ML Jars

300 ML Jars

350 ML Jars

380 ML Jars

500 ML Jars

610 ML Jars

750 ML Jars

920 ML Jars

960 ML Jars

İNOVA AMBALAJ | Cosmetic Packaging, Bottles, Jars, Caps, Valves, Box Supplier and Producer from Turkey

Buy or display Cosmetic Packaging, Bottle, Jar, Cap, Valve, Box, PVC, PET, Aluminium, Acrylic from Turkey.